Custom Software Developers

Personal Logic Associates Inc.

13 Tarbart Terrace

London, ON, Canada

N6H 3B1


Dick Moffat


Who we are:


Welcome to Personal Logic Associates Inc. We are a Microsoft Registered Partner, in business since 1985,  specializing in the development of custom applications for Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft®  SQL Server and Microsoft® Office.  

What we do:


Departmental or Workgroup applications are our specialty, applications that do not normally classify as “Enterprise” but can provide significant value. We also do L.O.B. applications for Medium and Small businesses.


If your requirements call for a custom database or spreadsheet solution using tools that are relatively easy to implement and maintain, and where justifiable cost is a major consideration, we deliver.  If you have a specific business process that you see value in automating, we can help. 


If you have existing Access databases or Excel spreadsheets that require support or maintenance, or if you are approaching the issues related to Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance - we can help.

Where we do it:


Personal Logic Associates Inc. is a London, Ontario, Canada based consulting company  We have clients in Canada and the United States.